Wedding Gown & Restoration in Dubai

As soon as your gown arrives at the wedding dress preservation facility, it goes through an intense fabric analysis to determine which treatment will be the most effective at treating everything from staining and yellowing of the fabric.

How does the wedding dress restoration process work?

Take your gown to a professional who will look over your gown with you and discuss your options. If you select a color restoration, buttons with metal backs will be removed from your gown and processed separately–if at all—because the metal will rust in the solution. Metal hooks and eyes will also have to be removed. Pearls can lose their coverage in the process and look opaque rather than lustrous.

We soak your wedding gown in warm water to further remove yellow color stains from it. It will get back to its original color in no time. We avoid scrubbing of fabric as it causes a lot of problems to the fabric while it can cause it to loosen up.

Our cost for restoration will depend upon case to case, but we are the most affordable in this range across Dubai. We are the most renowned laundry service in Dubai, so as our wedding dress restoration process.

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