Soft Toy Cleaning

Washing stuffy soft toys can be a very difficult task. In fact, some toys come with a warning that they must not be washed. Hence their appropriate cleaning is a must. Your little one is always playing with his favorite stuffed giraffe or little furry teddy bear. You obviously don’t want him to fall ill after chewing the edges of these cute yet bacteria and germ-laden soft toys.

Washing and Caring for Soft Toys in Dubai

Washing soft toys like teddy bears can be an emotional experience for your little one, so it’s extra important that they come out of the wash just as perfectly soft as they went in! Follow the tips in this article to learn how to wash teddy bears and similar toys – making sure to keep your child’s favorite soft toys clean and hygienic.

Following are steps we follow to clean toys at Al Sajaah laundry soft toy cleaning.

Preparing for Wash Once you’ve made sure that a soft toy is safe to machine-wash, take a few extra precautions to protect it! If there are any rips or loose parts, stitch these up so the tear doesn’t worsen in the wash. Place the toy in a zippered pillowcase or mesh bag before placing it in the wash. This will make help prevent any damage during the wash or spin cycle. Making sure your child’s toy is well cared for is an essential part of washing soft toys. You can even show your child how it’s done, and encourage your child to write a story about their teddy bear’s journey!

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First, check the label is the first step in how to wash a soft toy. It’s a good idea to check the label on your child’s soft toy for washing instructions and advice. Not all soft toys should go into the washing machine – you certainly don’t want your child’s favorite teddy bear to rip apart! If a soft toy is old or fragile or if it has delicate parts like sequins, glued-on eyes, or sewn-on buttons, don’t run the risk of these coming off in the wash. Also, any toys stuffed with foam beads should not be machine-washed. Avoid machine-washing any toys with mohair, wool, rayon plush, and alpaca fur – as well as toys that are simply too big to fit into your washing machine. You can see our tips below for alternatives to machine washing.