Professional Clothing Alterations & Repairs in Dubai

As thorough experts of clothes alterations in Dubai, we take the utmost pride in offering world-class tailoring and alteration services. We are an online clothing maintenance service providing clothes repairs, alterations, and restoration treatments to customers across Dubai. Al Sajaah Laundry helps you love your clothes for longer and take pleasure in your wardrobe.


Pant, Jean Skirt


Dress Hems Shortening and Lengthening Sleeves


Taking In/Letting Out Waists, Hips, and Thighs


Outerwear Alterations and Repairs


Zipper & Button Replacements Tapering


Complete Alterations for Velvet, Silk


Leather Garments*


Mending Rips and Applying Patches


Alterations and Repairs to Lined Garments

Our alteration services include the following and we have a dedicated designer and tailors to take care of your alterations.


Zipper and Bottom Replacement Hooks change fixing of accessories stitching of damage wear. We are highly regarded for our superior craftsmanship and customer service. Owing to our passion, we continue to march towards our vision to ensure that our customers are happy with the results they get availing of our services. As we have done so many works for our clients we have named the best clothes repairing in alteration services in Dubai.